Overview of the Validation and Effectiveness Of Adventures in Reading

The StudyDog Adventures in Reading curriculum is carefully aligned with the strongest, research-based content available. All lessons, instructional methods, and testing have been scientifically validated. There are five critical research-proven areas of early reading that are recommended by the National Reading Panel, each of these are incorporated into the StudyDog reading program. In addition, the StudyDog reading program aligns with State reading standards, which helps schools meet the No Child Left Behind requirements.

The validity study explores five critical questions about Adventures in Reading. These questions are:
  1. Are the critical reading skills included in Adventures in Reading?
  2. Do children show mastery of Adventures in Reading’s reading skills?
  3. Is there experimental proof of StudyDog's effectiveness and what is the recommended frequency of instruction?
  4. How does Adventures in Reading’s effectiveness compare to other teaching methods?
  5. To what extent can Adventures in Reading leverage teachers’ time in order to provide one-on- one reading instruction?

Evidence of the validity and effectiveness of Adventures in Reading, and that it effectively teaches children important reading skills, shows that:
  1. The right skills are included in the reading curriculum;
  2. Children learn to master the reading skills that are taught;
  3. The mastery of skills is attributable to Adventures in Reading and not other conditions based on a scientifically designed study; The recommended frequency of instruction is three 15-minute lessons per week;
  4. Adventures in Reading has a larger impact on children’s reading than most other reading programs;
  5. Teachers can provide one-on-one reading instruction to students for as many children as they can manage.
Collectively, Adventures in Reading is shown to be a highly effective program for teaching young children basic reading skills they need to become successful readers.

Read Full Validation Report here (PDF)
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