What A Teacher Sees

Teacher Manager screens:

Teacher’s can create, view, edit, and delete schools, classrooms, and students as well as view aggregate performance data about them.

Classroom Screen:
The StudyDog Teacher Manager provides simple screens to manage districts, schools, classroom, and students where each may be added, edited, and deleted. Shown below is a simple classroom screenshot that lists the classrooms in the current school at left, and a skills comparison with all other classrooms in the school at right.

Student Edit Screen:
The screenshot below is the student screen and shows how easily individual student information can be changed. The teacher simply selects the student in the list at left, clicks the “Edit” button and the Edit Student windows pops up. The teacher then makes the necessary changes and clicks the “OK” button – that’s it!

Arrange Skills Screen:
The Teacher Manager allows teacher to modify and customize any student’s lesson sequence at any time. Shown below is the “Arrange Skills” screen. Using simple drag-and-drop techniques the teacher can re-arrange the lesson sequence in any order, and can set the “Today’s Lesson” to any lesson in the students course.

Add New Skills Screen:
Teachers may also introduce new skills not already in the student’s current course by simply dragging from the list of available skills at top and dropping them onto the student’s current course as shown at bottom. Existing skills may also be removed from the student’s current course by dragging them to the trash can in which case they are returned to the list of available skills.

Teachers Screen:
Teachers and Administrators are a key component of the Teacher Manager. Teachers for example can be assigned to all classrooms in a school, or be more limited to specific classrooms. Teachers can be allowed to make changes or not. Administrators may add teachers, assign them to schools and classrooms, and specify their access rights. Below is shown a list of all teachers in a school while viewing the “Pre-Kindergarten” classroom. Simply checking the “Assigned” checkbox for a teacher gives that teacher access to the “Pre-Kindergarten” classroom.

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