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StudyDog’s extensive reporting system allows teachers and administrators to easily measure student performance and progress at the district, school, classroom, and student level. Reports are generated in real-time in addition to a full reporting system that can extract results across the entire student population. Feedback Reports are generated that describe the student’s progress and performance and recommendations based on results. Reports may be emailed to multiple recipients on a regular basis and reports may also be exported for use in other programs such as Microsoft Access or Excel.

District Report:
The District Report allows administrators to quickly view progress and performance across all of a districts schools. Using the date parameters, perform settings and progress setting school performance can be measured in a variety of ways.

School Report showing All Classrooms:
The Classroom Report shows the performance of classrooms, checking the “All Schools” checkbox means that the classroom performance for every classroom across all schools is shown. Similar to District reports various parent settings allow a multitude of reports to be generated.

Classroom Report Real-time:
Real-time Reports show the current performance of schools, classrooms, and students. This example shows the schools skills performance as the blue line and the selected classrooms performance as the Orange bars. This way teachers can compare their classrooms performance with other classrooms in the school.

Classroom Report with Pie Selection:
Reports are shown both graphically as pie charts and texturally as a data grid. Each report is color-coded to show skill performance as “Mastered”, “Satisfactory” or “Needing Improvement”. By clicking the corresponding colored slice of the prices the textural chart is filtered by the selected performance.

Student Report with Parameters:
The “Parameters Panel” may be opened on any report to further refine the data that is reported. Shown here is a report of students in a classroom where the date range, performance, and progress parameters may be set for the report. For example, show me all the students who have completed more than half of their custom course but who have scored less than 50%

Student Report Across All Classrooms:
By checking the “All Classrooms” option in the student report all of the students in all of the classrooms in the current selected school will be included in the report. Using the Parameter Panel this report can be further customized to identify specific student progress and performance

Student Detailed Report:
The Student Detailed Report is a textual description of the student’s progress with recommends on action. These reports offer an alternative more customized view of individual student progress. These reports may be automatically emailed to parents on a regular basis.

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