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StudyDog Announces Support for iPads and Android Devices

(Jun 1, 2015) Schools and StudyDog share the common desire of offering curriculum-rich content on lower cost and more mobile devices.

Effective immediately, StudyDog supports Apple’s iPad, as well as all Android devices. This is in addition to the platforms already supported, which are PCs, Macs, Chromebooks and all internet browsers

As it pertains to Android devices, there are dozens of choices and StudyDog runs on all of them, although, the screen should be 10 inches to be useful.

School districts benefit from StudyDog directly supporting their iPads and Android devices in three ways. Performance is increased because the need for an iPad emulator is eliminated, plus internet security is strengthened, at the same time. Also, schools districts no longer need to provide Flash on their computers since the StudyDog lessons now bypass the requirement of needed that technology.

"StudyDog was initially designed with the vision of mobile computing," said Deme Clainos, StudyDog president and CEO. "Schools have always wanted lower computing costs and more flexibility in where and how their students receive instruction. Today, StudyDog has taken a big step in this direction".

In addition to using StudyDog on computers both in the lab and in the classroom, schools can now use the full StudyDog reading program anywhere because iPads and all of the Android devices have wireless capability. Also due to the low cost of Android devices, the cost of the computing device is as low as $100.

All schools with an active StudyDog online license will receive the mobile computing capability for free.

About StudyDog
StudyDog is a proven leader in helping children quickly learn to read and has helped more than 6 million children master the basics. The company creates interactive reading programs specially designed for elementary students. What sets StudyDog apart from other learning programs is how StudyDog engages young readers. StudyDog’s Adventures in Reading series is used in more than 3,000 schools nationwide. The lessons were designed to meet state and national early learning standards. For more information, visit or email

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