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ComputerWorld Names StudyDog to Honors Program
Established in 1988, The Computerworld Honors Program brings together the principals of the world's foremost information technology companies to recognize the achievements of the organizations around the world, whose visionary applications of information technology promote positive social, economic and educational change.

StudyDog, the maker of reading programs for young children, has been selected as a 2006 ComputerWorld Honors Program Laureate.

"Each year, the Computerworld Honors Program seeks to recognize organizations for their ongoing efforts to utilize technology in order to benefit society," said Bob Carrigan, Chairman of the Computerworld Honors Program Chairmen's Committee and President, IDG Communications. "We are proud to include StudyDog in this select group."

First-of-its-kind Technology
StudyDog, Inc. addresses the most pressing educational need of young children, learning to read. To address this challenge, StudyDog has developed a new class of on-demand educational software that emulates the performance of the ideal human teacher (i.e.; an expert), but with much less cost and more consistency and availability. The StudyDog on-demand system is the first to incorporate reading assessments, validated and correctly designed and scoped curriculum, the ability to keep a child engaged, and the technology to manage, measure and report reading progress for parents and teachers.

Using Technology to Address a Critical Problem
The American Federation of Teachers reports, "For every child, reading is truly the gateway to knowledge. In fact, teaching children to read is probably the single most important task of our elementary schools." Driven to fulfill this need, StudyDog brought together innovative internet development, creative characters, stories and instruction, and solid, research-proven reading curriculum. The new generation of online instruction focuses on customizing instruction for each child, capturing the child's interest, and teaching the reading skills the child needs to succeed. Parents and teachers are provided this expert system that allows them to support their children while StudyDog teaches the children to read.

Free for Low-income Children
StudyDog, recognizing the seriousness of the national reading problem in poverty areas, makes its reading lessons free-of-charge to parents or non-profit organizations that strive to teach low-income children to read thru a partnership with the National Center for Family Literacy. "We are very excited about the StudyDog program and its potential for the nation", said Sharon Darling, National Center for Family Literacy Founder & President.

Black-tie Event
The Laureate will be awarded to StudyDog, along with other recipients from around the world, at the 18th Annual Laureates Medal Ceremony in Washington, D.C. on June 5, 2006.

About StudyDog
StudyDog is a company that believes that success in life starts with being able to read. StudyDog is used in more than 1,000 schools across the nation and internationally to supplement classroom reading instruction. More than 50,000 parents use StudyDog at home with their children. For more information about StudyDog visit their web site at

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