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StudyDog announces new functionality that increases effectiveness of its reading intervention

(Jan 5, 2015) StudyDog regularly and substantially enhances its reading program always with two goals in mind: greater effectiveness and easier to use.

Today, with the announcement of Personal Intervention, StudyDog becomes an even more effective reading resource. Previously, StudyDog achieved high effectiveness by individualizing a reading program for each student based on a pretest, adaptive lessons, built-in scaffolding and differentiated instruction. However, even then a student may still not reach mastery in a specific skill, or skills.

This is when Personal Intervention kicks in.

StudyDog alerts a reading specialist or a teacher when a student continues to struggle and presents very specific reading resources to assign to a student. The reading resources are comprised of five categories: core lessons, practice lessons, learning activities, and two kinds of leveled books, physical books from the Accelerated Reader list and eBooks published by StudyDog.

StudyDog is the only reading program that recommends a physical book or an eBook for a specific reading skill, such as Vowel Blends.

A teacher or reading specialist can preview the resources recommended by StudyDog and auto-assign them to a student’s reading program. If the resource is in an electronic format, such as a lesson, it is automatically electronically inserted into a student’s reading intervention program. However, in all cases a record is kept of all interventions assigned by a teacher and can be printed for use in an Intervention meeting or an RtI program.

All schools with an active StudyDog online license will receive the Personal Intervention functionality for free.

About StudyDog
StudyDog is a proven leader in helping children quickly learn to read and has helped more than 6 million children master the basics. The company creates interactive reading programs specially designed for elementary students. What sets StudyDog apart from other learning programs is how StudyDog engages young readers. StudyDog’s Adventures in Reading series is used in more than 3,000 schools nationwide. The lessons were designed to meet state and national early learning standards. For more information, visit or email

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