Assessment and Reporting

In today’s results-oriented environment, instructional assessment and reporting tools are critical for guidance and decision-making. Educators need assessment data to provide students with differentiated learning plans that foster success and motivation. Educators and administrators need to track, report and compare data by student, classroom, school, and district. And student performance needs to be shared and communicated with parents.

Online versions of Adventures in Reading make learning management and reporting quick and easy by providing integrated modules to:

Pre-Assessment and Placement

The online version of Adventures in Reading pre-assesses each student to individualize a lesson sequence by identifying the student’s knowledge level and skill gaps. Pre-assessment is not included in Pre-K Essentials; preschool-age children are considered emergent readers and are started at the beginning of the program unless you customize another lesson sequence.

Pre-assessment consists of two tests to enable the student’s true reading level to be accurately identified and the best possible lesson sequence designed. An initial placement test is followed by a detailed skills test. Initial placement pinpoints the student’s base reading level using oral comprehension and sight-word tests, and chooses a starting point for the skills test. The skills test is adaptive: the student is moved forward and backward in the skill questions to identify their true reading level.

Once an accurate skill starting point is identified, a course of study with a full grade’s worth of lessons is customized for the student. The lessons are further programmed by the skills test – if the student did well in a skill test then less instruction is given in the corresponding lesson, if they did poorly then more instruction is given. The lessons themselves are also adaptive and adjust in real time to the student’s progress.

Curriculum Management

Sometimes a student’s lesson plan needs to be adjusted to emphasize a particular set of skills, give more reinforcement, or integrate tightly into a core curriculum. Adventures in Reading puts the control of each student’s progress into your hands.

Pre-assessment has accurately measured the student’s reading skills range and customized a full grade of lessons. The program will now begin in this “default” mode, but you can easily choose a different starting point or re-sequence the lessons at any time. Using a simple drag-and-drop control, you can individualize each student’s sequence of lessons. You can add lessons, drop lessons, re-order lessons, or place the student at any point in the course. With just a click of the mouse, the program can be returned to the original default sequence determined by the pre-assessment.

Real-time Tracking and Custom Reports

The online version of Adventures in Reading provides extensive tracking and reporting for individuals, classrooms, schools, and districts. The easy to use module includes automatic, real-time reporting at each level as well as customized reports that cover any span of time. With one click you can compare student, classroom, and school average scores to identify performance differences.

Progress tracking is based on lesson percentage scores. Color-coded classifications of “Mastered,” “Satisfactory,” and “Skills Needing Improvement,” allow you to identify potential problems at a glance

Reports can be customized by date range, by score (for example, all students scoring less than 60%) and by progress (for example, students who have completed more than 25% of their individualized program).

Reports are presented in both graphical and tabular form and all report data can be easily exported or printed. You can even set up automatic email reports to parents at regular intervals.

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